Mike Robertson

A cartoonist, doodler and Illustrator, born in Scotland as his name suggests but he doesn’t like rain, midges or Dundee cake so is now only an occasional visitor. He studied art at school, but otherwise is self-taught during a varied career of soldier, car manufacturer and restorer, fixed wing and rotary pilot, something in the City, HM Queen’s Body Guard and charity trustee on several counts. He is currently a part time consultant for an Executive Search company which also offers staff reviews and leadership training.


He lives happily in Wiltshire with twenty-five house moves under his belt, and now, with only occasional forays to London, he has returned to drawing and painting after a bit of a gap; and by popular request from family and past clients. This website announces the beginning of the end of his warming up period and he is already taking commissions and is hoping soon to have his first exhibition with a similarly inclined friend.

His work ranges from cartoons, military uniforms, book illustrations to greetings cards, working in pen and ink, water colour, oils and acrylic. He has illustrated books, poetry, event programmes, pub and shop signs and branding. He has done a birthday card for Prince William and has several of his works on public display in St James’s Palace. His trademark works so far have been his’ Bographies’ and his ‘Antecedent Eggs’

He is currently working on two books and a private commission, while continuing to update and build his portfolio. He works in a shed at the bottom of the garden, generously given to him by his wife who baulked at the thought of having him and all his paraphernalia being spread round the house. He is often accompanied by his dogs on the same basis.

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