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These range from “Antecedent Eggs” which are hand painted with the uniforms of the antecedent or forming Regiments of today’s Army Regiments. Each one is unique and checked with the purchaser, and a number of research sources, for historical veracity.

The eggs can equally be painted with any theme or illustration, chosen by you. I have recently finished one for Her Majesty’s Body Guard, The Honourable Corps of Gentlemen at Arms, which is now on display in St James’s Palace, and a 70th birthday present with two personal cartoons on it. Each one is unique and exclusive.

Each egg is given many coats of clear varnish, and they take time to research and paint, so allow 5 weeks from order to delivery. If I make a mistake, or drop the egg, I start again. Each egg comes on a small wooden stand, but more elaborate mounting can be undertaken to order.

Examples are now regarded as collectable, and have gone up in value, and one was recently valued for insurance purposes at £600. But for you they start at £400, the price depending on the amount of detail required.

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